Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Warmenfat Micro Amplifier Series 2

New and Improved !!!

Warmenfat Micro Amplifier Series 2

Pure Tube Class A Micro Amplifier

It's a no brainer!  Must have in your audio tool kit!

Available direct from 


 Only $ 499.00 (plus shipping)

  • Transformer speaker output: Use as a guitar amplifier
  • Transformer balanced output:  Perfect DI. (Max output level over +25 dBm.)
  • Transformerless unbalanced output:  Ideal for re-amplifying or inserting into an effects loop.
  • Direct output (before gain controls); Boost classic guitar amp independently of DI output.
  • High Gain Switch:  Selects between triode and beam tetrode tube operation.
  • Standard instrument input:  Lead or bass guitar; keyboards--You name it!
  • - 26dB input:  Low sensitivity input. Perfect for that snare drum
  • Pre Gain control:  continuously adjustable from clean to crunchy.
  • Post Gain control:  continuously adjustable to output levels in excess of 25dBm into 600 ohms!
  • Custom Output transformer: Allows any speaker to be used as a microphone   (for kick drum or guitar cabinets) while simultaneously providing a balanced output. 
  • Built in reflective load termination.

  • Small size: fits in the palm of your hand.
  • Operates on 12 VAC power supply (included)
  • New old stock American vacuum tubes included
  • Fully regulated B+, B-, Bias and filament power supplies for quiet operation
  • Mil spec ± 1% metal film resistors
  • Polypropylene coupling capacitors
  • Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Built to last a life time.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tubes and Voltage

Inquiring minds what to know:

What tubes does this use? What plate voltages?

The Warmenfat uses the 6GH8A tube.  The beam tetrode type.  This tube has a square window in the plate structure. These tubes are operated WAY below its maximum plate dissipation ratings and therefore should last over 10 years with daily use.  The 6GH8A was one of the most common T.V. tube in the 1960's. They are great sounding, New old stock is abundant and they are economical too! (Although very difficult to design with. Wiring layout is critical.)  BEWARE : The pin out for this tube is NOT compatible with the 12ax7 types.

Differences between Series One and Series Two

Question from an inquiring mind:

 I read one review of the older model that mentioned a 60 cycle hum when the gain was turned up past a certain point. Is that any cleaner with the new version?

  I am SO glad that you asked!  The original review done in Vintage Guitar magazine led me to completely redesign the Warmenfat's internal power supply's.  The Series TWO now has fully regulated low noise D.C.  tube filament power, The series 1 uses A.C. filament ( Like most vintage guitar amplifiers did. )  The B+ and B- supply's have now been fully regulated too. The P.C. board grounding has been re routed to further eliminate noise.  The hum is totally gone.  

   Other ( Major!) improvements include the newly redesigned output transformer.  A new winding has been added to provide a truly balanced  output that can provide an output of up to 25 dBm into a 600 ohm load. This can be turned down to a lesser level using the post gain control. The series 1 had an unbalanced output and could not drive the digi design ( Pro Tools) converters to maximum clipping level of 19 dBu .  The original un balanced output is still there too, it is in the white RCA jack. The red rca jack is a direct output that produces a constant output level that is independent of the pre and post gain controls.  I can go on all day long when it comes to talking about tone! 

For more information on the differences between the series one and two, see the comparison in the link bar above.