Testimonials - Warmenfat series 1

Warmenfat Series One

"...The Warmenfat shined, adding much needed warmth to the amp's tone, especially in terms of high-end and midrange response.  It also added depth and character to each of the effects units and, with the High Gain switch engaged, added fat, bluesy overdrive that was musical..."  

--Vintage Guitar, August 2006

.".. I find it to be a very handy addition to my equipment. The controls are simple, but allow for infinite gradations of tone warmth and/or distortion. The majority of its uses are already listed in the product description, but one additional thing I use it for is amateur digital audio recording. The Warmenfat's 1/4" in and rca outs make it easy to run an electric guitar, keyboard, or mic into the computer soundcard and get a steady line level with the added warmth of the tubes (if I get a mixer I'll definitely still use it in an effects loop). This definitely helps the overall sound quality of the recordings, and even makes my cheap electric guitar sound like a much more expensive model (it also helps the keyboard sounds, as much as you can help MIDI)."

--Amazon Customer Review 

"...I pull it out whenever nothing else seems to work. In particular, it's great when electric guitar players come into the studio and want to go directly out of their analog or digital pedals or when they want to use their little practice amps with all their digital modeling. These "budget" pieces usually have good tone but for whatever reason, they rarely seem big and 3-dimensional.

I've found that if I run the Warmenfat inline some place in the signal-chain, I can dial-in just the right type and amount of tube character I need and get some life out of these units. I'd imagine it's from all the good and not-so-good natural characteristics in the high-quality tubes and transformer in the Warmenfat; not to mention the excellent circuit designing and product manufacturing."  

--Weston Ray of Weston House Recording.